Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd

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Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd is a national high technology enterprise, Being specialized in developing , manufacturing and marketing AGV ,founded in 2007 and formerly named as “Shenzhen CASUN Technology Co., Ttd. ”. Based on the rapid development by a growth rate of more than 100 percent for last 4 continuous years , CASUN has become the national AGV industry leader and promoter with the most innovative R&D capability and successfully listed on the NEEQ as the first listed Mobile Robot company .

Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd

Due to the constant independent R&D , CASUN’ business scope with a very strong market competitiveness mainly include three fields described as below:

Selling and R&D on AGV and automatic equipment, including heavy-load AGV, high-speed AGV, mechanical arm with three-axis or four-axis , six-axis Robot and other high-end products.

Large scale logistics automation system integration & intelligent equipments (including stereoscopic warehouse ) development .

Development on computer control software and system.

So far, CASUN has made a great remarkable achievement in market developing , Not only most domestic AGV market has been occupied ,but also international market is being developed very rapidly and actively especially in Asia and Europe market. So it is no doubt that CASUN has become a real industry leading brand in China.

Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd
Moreover, based on years of hard development ,CASUN sales network has become more and huger .Many offices and agencies Including in most domestic cities and some famous cities overseas have been set up for local selling and servicing ,meanwhile CASUN have set up a long term strategic cooperative partnership with lots of well-known enterprises such as Shanghai- Volkswagen, Dongfeng-Honda, Great Wall Motor, BYD Group, Geely, Foxconn, Gree, Midea,Lenovo,Canon,Samsung and Hisense ,that built a solid foundation for CASUN’ sustained development in future.

Besides the market development , keeping R&D level continuous improvement is the other focus of CASUN’ business. So far CASUN has built a international R&D platform including the R&D center in CASUN headquarters and the technology institute of branch company in Shenyang with a first -class R&D team with about 150 engineers .In addition ,together with some national universities, CASUN built own laboratory specially for some key projects as doctoral students practice base. Due to the continuous and independent development ,CASUN has had nearly 100 patents including some pending patents.

Contact details:

Shenzhen Casun Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 182 Laowei First district, Xikeng New Village, Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen.





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