Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd.

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focusing on logistics and warehousing, geek+ leads the technology revolution by applying advanced robotics and ai technologies to realize high-flexibility and intelligent logistics automation solution.

Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd.
Geek+ is a global technology company specialized in smart logistics. We apply advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to create solutions for warehouse and factory operations.

With the rise of e-commerce and the demand for a faster and more flexible movement of goods, warehouse and manufacturing operators are facing increasingly complex production and logistic challenges today. Speed, product diversification, same-day delivery, volume, safety… these concerns are impacting a wide range of industries, from apparel, retail, automotive, to even electronics, energy and pharmaceutical industries.

Geek+ was founded to be the solution to these problems. We make logistics affordable, efficient, flexible, safe and agile. Our vision is to establish a fully automated and intelligent supply chain globally.
Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd.
Robot as a Service, or RaaS, is a shared-robot business model that makes our solutions attainable and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

RaaS helps customers effectively reduce initial investment and lower the entry threshold, while improving the efficiency of robot use and reducing overall operating costs.

Under RaaS, we operate over 300,000 square meters of warehouses and have created a shared network of thousands of robots.

Contact details:

Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:1/f, building 1, chaolai sci & tech. par,chaoyang district,beijing, 100012,china, prc
China: +86 4000 450 010
APAC: +852 3462 2128
Europe: +49 211 53829033
Japan: +81 0476 37 7509
Americas: +1 404 406 3961


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